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VisionWorks LLC is a start-up company created to provide optical technology to help various industries (e.g. abrasives, construction materials, fertilizer production, food processing, plastics, pharmaceuticals and sand). The creation of this Buffalo Wire Works (BWW) spin-off originated from BWW's collaboration with Clarkson University's Center for Advanced Material Processing (CAMP). As a result of project discussions with Clarkson University and Professor Dayakar Penumadu, BWW became a New York State associate member of CAMP in 1998. Dr. Penumadu worked with Buffalo Wire Works on developing testing systems for characterizing fine screens and particle analysis. Today, VisionWorks continues to work with Dr. Penumadu at the University of Tennessee, and with CAMP and Clarkson University.

Maintenance & Quality Program Wondering if you are using the right products for the right applications? We can help. We offer our customers a great service for updating their operators on quality and maintenance. This program keeps companies informed on how to improve the quality of their screening process through proper maintenance of their machines. Presented by our field sales consultants, this program uses our many years of industry experience in assessing maintenance and screening efficiencies and recommends solutions. Call us today for more information.

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